Our Ideas Can Become Your
Publicity Campaign

We are a population inundated with opinions, facts and rumors, and they have a tremendous influence on how we communicate, work and live.

Perhaps you read a statement from a company CEO in your morning newspaper, heard a pastor is running for political office on the radio or followed the advice of a holistic doctor who appears in your favorite magazine. Although the form and content of these communications may differ, they all share one common characteristic - they are all public relations.

What makes public relations so important is that people's opinion of an individual, a company, or a company's products or services is to a great extent beyond that person's or company's control. A public relations agency offers these individuals and companies the resources necessary to make today's incredibly diverse influences work for them. It accomplishes this by having messages about the individual, company or company product or service communicated through a credible third party such as a trusted journalist, physician, pastor, television or radio commentator, entertainer, or influential Internet figure. In essence, a public relation agency optimizes the power of endorsement by successfully influencing those who influence a targeted audience.

The specialized services of public relations professionals have played a prominent role in the success of companies for decades. However, today's economy has ushered in an entirely new set of business practices, markets and communications channels. It has also created a business environment where the need to communicate with clients, customers, employees, stockholders, special interest groups and the media has never been stronger.

Now is the time for you to set your company's destiny and form its future image by launching a publicity campaign. Call us at (202) 506-5051 and let's talk about your future.

  • Artist Bio Composition -
    $500 and up

  • CD Liner Notes Essay Writing -
    $500 and up

  • Media Kit Creation and Production -
    $1,000 and up
  • Video Production -
    We have a team of professional videographers who have created music videos for the likes of India Arie, Lil Kim and even the Securities Exchange Commission.



  • Movie Premieres - Negotiated on individual basis

  • Publicity Campaigns -
    $3,000 a month and up retainer